Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kansas Congressional Delegation Contact Info

Kansas Congressional Delegation


Jerry Moran Web Site
Washington: (202) 224-6521
Hays: (785) 628-6401
Pat Roberts Web Site
Washington: (202) 224-4774
Dodge City: (620) 227-2244


Tim Huelskamp, 1st District – Web Site
Washington: (202) 225-2715
Salina: (785) 628-6401
Lynn Jenkins, 2nd District – Web Site
Washington: (202) 225-6601
Topeka: (785) 234-5966
Kevin Yoder, 3rd District – Web Site
Washington: (202) 225-2865
Kansas City: (913) 621-0832
Mike Pompeo, 4th District – Web Site
Washington: (202) 225-6216
Wichita: (316) 262-8992

A history lesson revisited

January 16, 2013

Around 8:20 this morning, I was listening to an interview of a California congressman Mike Thompson on KSRO 1350. He was talking about the gun control issues the legislature of Missouri is faced with. What I found appalling, as you should as well, was how belittling he was regarding those supporting the 2nd Amendment. He alluded to the basic sound bites of limiting magazine capacity for gun which is one agenda item they are looking at. He acknowledged everyone’s 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is not in jeopardy. What was particular troubling were his assault rifle comments. I don’t have the transcript in front of me so will be paraphrasing here; “Some have been saying they need guns to protect themselves from the government.” Chuckling, he added “that argument is baseless since an AR-15 won’t stand up to the drones that we all know can take out individuals. These people with this argument are the first ones that will call the police or fire departments when needed.”

Think about what this government official is saying here. The government right now can take out you, your family members, or your friends with drones while limiting your ability to defend yourself. Would you be afraid of your small town local fire and police departments made up of community members and not unequipped with armored vehicles and drones? Is this not the whittling away of your 2nd Amendment right and the reason for it? We are the United States of America. Let me remind you by breaking that down. We are located in North America. Our country is made up of 50 individual states and territories in North America. The federal government is there to provide continuity between the states and territories and guard the national borders and the like. The federal government is not to be the controlling body like the King of England once was. If we continue to allow the federal government to encroach our rights then we shall expect our grandchildren to riot in the streets as we see now in other parts of the world; a hybrid of a civil war and a revolution.

Like it or not, the federal government will tax us more to entice our local police and sheriff departments with cash to enforce the federal laws that will take away our rights but will do nothing to stop a law breaking thug. We will be left with higher taxes, less safety, and less freedom. Why would we want this? I have had friends murdered and have been in convenience stores that were being scouted for robbery. I do not want to be left defenseless or less defensive nor do I wish the same for my family or friends. We cannot bring back the children lost but we can arm the guardians to lessen or prevent more losses in the future.

Footnote: I do not own an AR-15 or “assault weapons” nor do I own cases of bullets and high capacity magazines. I do remember the Rod and Gun Club we enjoyed in high school and believe those clubs should be allowed back in schools. They were safe, non-violent, and only promoted respect for guns.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013



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This is a blog where I rant and rave about my love of our nation and the positive forces and people supporting her. I also hold accountable our political system, the banking/financial system, and big conglomerates along with any other forces that place a heavy burden on the backs of the American citizens that just want to enjoy a fair and worry free life.

Number one priority is to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Yes, this means states rights are first over federal jurisdiction and the county sheriff is the lead law enforcement officer over all law enforcement agencies. Since I'm registered as an unaffiliated voter you can expect to hear the good and the bad regarding the actions of any politician regardless of party affiliation or office. If there is any hint of submission by a politician to a person, company, and the like for political gain in lieu of the interests of the constituents then expect it to be noted here.

Enough of the intro, you get the point, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!